Important Notice: Account Required for uFit Addon
To ensure the exclusive use of uFit by O&P specialists, a uFit username and password are required. Please follow the registration process to obtain one.


We kindly request that you provide the necessary information via the form below.

This will give you access to a trial version of uFit, that you can use for 4 weeks. Simply follow the link in the confirmation email to create your password, and then use the download page with the instructions to install uFit.

To get a FULL version of uFit, we need some more information that validates your status as an O&P specialist or O&P specialist in training. This verification step ensures that uFit is utilized by individuals with the appropriate professional background and expertise.

Answer your confirmation email with the necessary documents to make sure you can still access uFit after the trial period. Next to the documents, we kindly ask you to follow an introductory training session, which can be scheduled from the confirmation email.

By adhering to this registration process, we maintain the integrity and exclusivity of uFit for the O&P specialist community. Should you require any guidance or encounter any issues during the registration process, our support team is available to assist you promptly.

At uFit, we believe in empowering O&P specialists with the knowledge and expertise to maximize the potential of our Blender addon. After registering, our dedicated uFit team will personally reach out to you to guide you through the next steps. We will provide you with the option to subscribe to our training program, available in both physical and digital formats. This tailored approach ensures that you receive the training experience that best suits your needs and preferences.

Upon successfully completing the training, you will be granted a FULL uFit account. This account will unlock access to the features and resources of the uFit addon, empowering you to create cutting-edge prosthetic devices.

To further demonstrate your expertise in uFit, we are developing a certification program. In the near future, you will have the opportunity to earn uFit certificates, validating your proficiency and distinguishing you as a skilled practitioner in O&P design.

We are committed to keeping you updated and informed about the latest uFit advancements. As part of our certification renewal process, you will be invited to participate in a brief online training exercise annually. This exercise will cover new features and enhancements introduced to the addon, ensuring your knowledge remains up to date and your certification remains active.

Prepare to unlock the full potential of uFit through our Training and Certification Program. Our team looks forward to guiding you towards becoming a proficient uFit user, ready to create high-quality prosthetics and contribute to the advancement of the O&P industry.

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